Holistic Counselling

Guiding you to intuition, clarity, and courage in knowing what path to take in life

when you feel stuck, uncertain, or lost.

Online sessions or in Mandurah, WA

Are you trying to figure out your life direction? Unsure of your next step?

• You've found yourself overwhelmed by a major life transition.

• Maybe you've had the proverbial rug pulled out from under you.

• Or perhaps you're experiencing your own life 'crisis' or crossroads.

• You want someone to talk to about life's hard stuff and actually be heard and not judged.

• You know that your intuition is trying to tell you something but you're not sure if you're ready to face it.

What if things could be different?

I know that you're struggling.

A feeling of 'stuckness' can set in when you're unsure of your next steps. The path you've been on (and actively working towards) is no longer lighting you up. Your soul is calling out for a deeper sense of purpose and direction. Which is terrifying.

You don't have to do the hard stuff alone.

Taking the first step on to your new path is a big deal and it can feel lonely, but you get to have someone in your corner - to talk things out with, seek guidance and clarity, and someone who sees the truth of everything you came here for in this lifetime.

You can't fix what you can't face.

If you've ever thought about counselling but have been hesitant to "open the can of worms", you are not alone. But the reality is, it is playing out in your life (subconsciously) whether you look at it or not. By knowing, you can choose something different.

Holistic counselling is a different kind of therapy...

Combining traditional talk therapy with spiritual wellness and divinations tools, you will be empowered in your journey of deeply understanding yourself.

Holistic counselling works with the interconnectedness of your mind, body, and spirit (or soul). Together, we will explore what struggles you are facing, what desires are desperately trying to get your attention, and create a way forward unique to your needs and goals.

You have the ability to heal yourself, your intuition knows exactly what you want and need, and you have all the answers even if you feel like you don't have a clue. Each session will unfold specifically to meet you where you're at in this moment and support you to take the next right step for you, with practical strategies, intuitive guidance, and a safe space to explore and heal.

With tenderness and truth, always.

I would be honoured to be a part of your journey.

Hi, I'm Ellee

In case we haven't met yet or you haven't read more about me, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a holistic counsellor with a passion for supporting and guiding people to courageously create an epic life that they love. Especially when you've worked really hard to achieve a life that looks great on the outside - partner, house, job, and/or kids, etc - but something deep down is tugging at you that you actually want something different. I would love to walk alongside you as you gain greater self-awareness, clarity, and healing.

If you were allowed to change your mind, what kind of life would you create?

Ready to get clear on what you want and what's your next step in life?

Sessions and packages:

Insight Session


A check in, a tune up, a one-off touchpoint for those moments you need some extra support or need a bit of guidance

What's included?

1x 60-minute counselling session

Clarity Package

**Introductory Price (limited spots)**


Experience 12 weeks of comprehensive therapeutic support to deeply understand yourself, uncover your true desires, and receive holistic guidance to transform your life.

What's included?

✓ 6x 60-minute fortnightly counselling sessions

✓ Personalised and hand-picked therapeutic/spiritual gift box of goodies posted to you

✓ 6 x Oracle readings (3-card spread) with a message of guidance sent to you on alternating weeks to your counselling session

✓ 3 months access to The Digital Therapy Hub for resources between sessions

✓ Email support between sessions for 3 months

Valued at over $2300+

**Payment plans available

Talk Therapy - Mind

Utilising traditional counselling techniques, we work together to uncover and bring awareness to your subconscious mind, the beliefs you hold, and the emotions involved.

Energy Healing - Body

Each session involves healing on some level. We may intentionally use energetic work or somatic practices to incorporate the body into the healing process.

Spiritual Tools - Soul

We select tools to dive deeper into the spiritual components of your struggles. This is a beautiful way to tap into your soul during the session.

Any questions?

Let's have a chat!

I offer free 15 minute Connection Calls to have a chat with me and ask any questions before getting started.


How do I know if holistic counselling is right for me?

Holistic counselling is a supportive and integrative form of therapy to guide and empower you to courageously create a life that you love. It's suited more for spirituality-included people as I incorporate various spiritual tools and modalities in my sessions, as relevant to each client. If you would like to have a free 15 minute call with me before deciding, you can book a connection call here.

How does the counselling take place?

Holistic counselling sessions are available in Mandurah, WA or done remotely via Zoom. If you would prefer a phone call session, this can be arranged if you email me at the time of booking.

Can I see you in person?

Yes! In person sessions are available at Lavender House in Mandurah, WA.

What if I have a mental illness? Is holistic counselling an alternative to seeing a psychologist?

As a holistic counsellor, I work with you as a whole person - rather than treating a mental health condition or symptoms. If you are seeking (or already have) a diagnosis, it may be beneficial for you to work with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Holistic counselling is not a replacement for psychology or psychiatry for diagnosed mental illnesses. However, if you are seeking spiritual-based support in navigating the things going on in your life, holistic counselling can be a great option for you and may also work well alongside your other therapy.

Can I get a rebate from my health insurance?

Unfortunately, sessions are not eligible for health fund rebates at this time.

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